Bulleted points, in essence. It's late.

Chapter thirty-three of HP7 = aldkjfalkjfalkjfdlkajflakfja

I love this book.

Sixty pages to go!

The mumsy and me made up over shopping. I have nothing more to say on the matter.

Day, I'm sorry I didn't call you back. I'll see you next week, though!! Miss you!

Am heading upstate for a few days; will be back by Saturday night.

Before then, though, I'll post some fic. This was for kaitodoushi's birthday, erm, last year. I'm so sorry this is so late! The prompt she gave me was Momiji from Fruits Basket and an invisible friend he might have had. Hope you enjoy, Kaito! In spite of the lateness, with any luck!!

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Also, Cheap Seats episodes are on iTunes. My night has thusly been made. By grown men making fun of defenseless children.

Edit: I am such a perv, because I just misread "pennies" as "penises." The context makes it even worse, trust me.
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There is power in me yet

A joke, really.

Grandma was supposed to be here at two o'clock. It's now three minutes past two, and I'm worried. I think the zombie army might have gotten her.

Worse yet is that I just ate a huge lunch and I'm still hungry. Great. Soon I'll be undead, grandmaless, and, to top it all off, starving.

Blog like it's the end of the world.
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I think I'll go write fic now

Stuff. You know. A proper post.

^_^ Guess who got her computer back today~~

I've lost all my applications, but they shouldn't be too hard to get back. I just need to redownload things like AIM, Netscape, Real Player, WinRAR... and I'll be able to do stuff again. Like watch all the movies I got back. (memory's intact, omgyayayayayayay)

Of course, I got the in progress fanfics on my desktop back too. Decided, once I read over some of the stuff I had there, that I would drop my 30_kisses claim. I know that a few people were following it, but I've really fallen out of the KH fandom, and I don't feel like I did Riku/Sora justice. Eh. I figure let someone more passionate, with more knowledge of canon and with more time on their hands, write for them.

I might or might not post the RS drabble I found today. What I will post (if you guys would like me to) are some of my old, unpublished fics, from way back in 2005. I have this godawful SessRin AU fic that makes liberal use of phrases like "her shimmering chocolate orbs," and some other IY fic I wrote what seems like ages ago with lots of botched characterizations. Hey, I like to think that I've gotten better.

But, um... you can have this. It's not recent, and it's when I half-knew what I was doing with the KH characters. Enjoy and all that.

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As I edited this, I made note of my own uses of rhetoric. I like to think that AP English taught me something.

Also, I went over my fanfiction to-do list, and all I have to write is five drabbles, a crack pairing fic I promised someone at asterisk_plus, and the rest of Two Halves (maybe), and then I'm commitment free. I also owe aamalie a beta'd version of Sanc2, because I'm a procrastinator, and suck besides.

I love the outfit I'm wearing. I don't even care that That Guy couldn't see me in it. Mostly because I've got a hot date with Erica at a college convention this Sunday, I'm being heavily recruited by Cornell (which I think I have a pretty good shot at; my school's really well-affiliated with Ithaca on the whole), I have the opportunity to watch Elizabeth perform a sexual dance with her own That Guy (and catch it on camera), and Day-Day followed me to precalc today to draw pantless women and Fabio in a motorcycle accident. No, this paragrah is not supposed to make sense. At least to the fandom people.

Day, I'm gonna call you tomorrow.
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Harry Potter drabble.

I really want to put up a new drabble request post, but before I do that, I should probably clear out my overdue ones. If I spam a lot in the next few days, you'll know why.

This one's for corisudono, who requested a fic titled "The Whomping Willow's Day Off." It's... been awhile since I've written Harry Potter, but I hope this is good. ^_^ Enjoy!

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H/D drabble for moontyger.

Trying to get some overdue drabbles posted so I can end my junior year with what will hopefully be a clean fanficcing slate.

This one's for moontyger, who requested Harry/Draco with the prompt "chains of the past." It's... old. I wrote it months ago. Not sure if it completely reflects my current style, but I'm satisfied with it for the most part. I hate tense changes, though.

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Like a broken rose

Fic and the talk of it.

I refuse to apologize for the spam because this is the cutest thing I have seen in a long, long while.

And also because I've got fic. Albeit, fic I wrote back in August and on a spampost, so it was hastily written, and probably also hastily edited. This was originally for numisma, who requested Sango/Takeda fic.

Rated PG-13 for things that could possibly be misconstrued and the sin that is using death as a plot device.

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A few months later, I'm still not sure how I feel about this fic. But if I may be arrogant for a while, I love the way I write Kuranosuke.

Also, my drabble for today is in desperate need of polishing. But I should focus more on the writing aspect of the 31_days challenge rather than on the editing one. I tend to nitpick and nitpick and nitpick on fics if I have the time, and since I posted the drabble at the last minute, I really had to tell myself to be content with what I had. It's good that I'm writing again at least.
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Fuck you betch

February 2007 themes for 31_days.

I'm going to attempt to do all twenty-eight themes this month for 31_days. Once I post a fic, I'll link it to this master post, so if you're interested in reading the stuff I write, check back here. (I suspect most of these fics'll show that I'm in the middle of this writing funk in which everything I pen turns to suck, but maybe by the end of the month I'll be a tad more confident.)

All crit is, of course, appreciated.

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