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I think I pressed the tsunami button.


Average everyday sane psycho supergoddess
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The Maid...

~is seventeen. Just so you're forewarned.

~is a fangirl. A hardcore, easily-fixated, "stop her now I'm starting to see foam" fangirl. In spite of this, her interests change quickly - sometimes within the space of a few seconds. At the present time, though, she's obsessed with Regina Spektor, Rock of Love, having her own opinions, and her best friend.

~will not hesitate to bore you with tales of her daily escapades into Life. Despite common belief, she has one, and rather enjoys writing about it.

~is f-locked, but not all that strict about friending.

~is the proud owner and operator of bleach_flashfic.

~RPs Kira (doubled_weight), Rukia (iheartchappy), and Mizuho (baldmanfetish) at fear_borne.

~is "married" to the sexy and ever-fashionable labeteluv99. *smooch*

~wants you to click this link. It's not a virus; she promises.

~uses a mood theme made by adesso, whom she eternally thanks for putting it together. Spread the 10th squad love, yo.

~is tired. Prone to spam. Excessively verbose. Secretly four years old. Glued to her computer screen. And, if you ask her, fairly boring. But don't let any of that stop you.


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